Short Codes

Improve communication with customers

Improve communication with customers using an easy to remember 5 digit number.

Iwin’s short code offering enables a two-way SMS communication service between you and your audience, easily and cost-effectively.

Use the short code for your SMS marketing campaigns, lead generation, for promotions, to generate revenue, to receive donation or to get customer feedback.

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Create competitions

Create competitions which people can enter by sending an SMS and monitor the competition entries on our portal.

Generate revenue

Allows clients to pay you by sending an SMS to your Short Code number which can generate revenue for your business.

Create databases of clients

Get potential clients to send you their details where you can then access and manage them for our portal.

Automated winner rules

Use this for your competitions to create rules to automatically select winners making the competition easy to manage.

View reports

View reports of reply SMSes per campaign, your revenue generated and messages coming into your Short Code.

Run surveys

Create surveys and ask customers to send their answers into your Short Code, then monitor their answers.

Filter address books

Our advanced filtering options allow you to choose who to send to in your phone books easily.


Integrate with us using our REST API, which can be found on the portal and customise Iwin’s messaging solution.

Short Code Features and Pricing

The following applies with regards to Short Codes:

A Short Code is a 5 digit number, e.g. 54321 which charges the sender airtime ranging from R1-R30.

Short Codes are only available on South African networks.

Set up fees are payable in advance.

For an electronic competition entry a maximum of R1.50 can be charged to the sender according to the South African Consumer Protection Act.

Keywords are payable in advance.

Short Codes are rented per month and are payable in advance.

Dedicated Short Code Pricing

Short Codes exclusively used for your company.

Keywords can be used to differentiate between campaigns.

Cost ItemCost ZAR
(VAT Excl.)
Set Up Fee R 1 000Once-off
Set Up Fee per KeywordR 300Once-off per keyword
Short Code RentalR 750Monthly
Reply SMSStandard lowest Bulk SMS rates apply - R0.16 per SMS (VAT Excl.)Our standard bundle SMS rates per mobile-terminating SMS

Shared Short Code Pricing

Short Codes which are shared with other companies.

Keywords are used to differentiate between companies.

Cost ItemCost ZAR
(VAT Excl.)
Set Up Fee R300.00 Once Off
Set Up Fee per KeywordR300.00Once-off fee per keyword
Short Code Rental R300.00 Monthly
Reply SMS (Optional)Standard lowest Bulk SMS rates apply - R0.16 per SMS (VAT Excl.)Our standard bundle SMS rates per mobile-terminating SMS

Revenue Share

All pricing except for the Short Code SMS rates excludes VAT.

SMS cost to sender
(VAT Incl.)
Telkom Mobile
Estimated average payout after management fee deduction Estimated average after reply message and management fee
R2.00R0.15R0.88R0.87R0.94R0.69 R0.53

Estimated average after reply message and management fee depends on the size of the SMS bundle purchased for reply messages, the calculation was done using a top tier bundle of R0.16 (VAT excl.) per message.

Payouts are subject to network provider payouts and subject to change if changed by network providers.

Claiming Payouts

Payouts are paid by the networks approximately 8 weeks after the end of the month.

Globetom will payout the first Monday thereafter.

Clients can use the Iwin reporting facility to determine how much they need to invoice Globetom on a monthly basis.

Getting Started

To get the application process started for a short code submit an online application. Please note that you need to register for a Iwin account if you have not done so.


Technical support for your short code is included in the monthly rental for email support during business hours. Register an account on our support platform to log tickets.


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