Short Codes


Competitions using short codes

Want to run a competition? No sweat! You can easily run competition’s using short codes.

Random entry

To run a random entry competition in South Africa, the CPA (Consumer protection act) states that the maximum charge per electronic entry is R1.50 to the entrant per entry.


For voting, you can choose the cost of the vote and how many votes count per SMS, as long as the voter cannot win a prize and is instead voting for someone else to win a competition.

One of the best ways to take your competition to the next level is setting up what we call ‘categories’. You can assign each entrant a number, which is linked to their name, and this will make the voting easier e.g. SMS Sing 1 to 54321 to vote for Sarah.

Automatic reply SMS

Creating an automated reply SMS which gets sent to the sender after they have successfully sent through an SMS to your competition is a fantastic way to encourage them to vote again and provide

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Short Codes