International Messaging

International Messaging Features

International Numbers

Using Iwin you can send SMSes to international countries. Have a look at our list below to see which countries are supported.

Two Way Messaging

Send and receive international messages. Iwin gives you the ability to receive reply SMSes from your customers. Subject to availability per country.

International SMS Credit

Have a look at Iwin’s International Pricing Tables to calculate how many SMS credits each SMS will use per country.

Buy Iwin SMS Credits

Buy Iwin SMS credits using your credit card or with an EFT. Your SMS credits will never expire on Iwin, which saves you money!

View Reports

View SMS replies from your clients for each SMS campaign you send. Generate multiple types of reports to track you SMS campaigns.

Country Code

Iwin supports multiple country codes. Have a look at our list to make sure that you have the correct code for the country to which you wish to send.

Up, up and away!

Start messaging with Iwin quickly and easily. Iwin can help you reach your international audience and help your business rocket!


Integrate with us using our REST API, which can be accessed on the Iwin portal and customize Iwin’s messaging solution to your needs.

International Messaging

Each SMS part will use the predetermined number of credits allocated for the specific country to which the SMS is sent.

International SMSes may use more than one SMS credit per part and each country varies with the number of SMS credits each SMS uses.

For more detailed information please download the Iwin International Messaging Info Pack.

*1 SMS Credit costs between  USD $0.011 to USD $0.014 approximately


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