Our Iwin REST API is the most comprehensive in the South African market.

A RESTful API is an application programming interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. A RESTful API, also referred to as a RESTful web service, is based on representational state transfer (REST) technology, an architectural style and approach to communications often used in web services development. You can, therefore, rest assured (pun intended) that you are using a standards-based API that your developers will love using and that is future-proofed in comparison with legacy, proprietary APIs.

The Iwin RESTful API delivers a collection of resources that allow you to integrate your own digital service applications by using controlled access to the features of Iwin exposed to you securely and reliably through the use of the API.

The API Use is free

You only pay for your message bundles

Your use of the Iwin RESTful API is free of charge!

Simply follow the steps on the right to obtain an API key that will be linked to your account and you can be ready to use reliable, secure message integration with your digital service platforms within minutes.

Not registered yet? Register for free and get message credits by following the link below.



How to obtain your RESTful API Key

You can be up and running in 10 minutes

Immediately after registering on the Iwin Portal, you will be able to click on the API button:

From this page you will be able to generate an API key. This key needs to be supplied in the header information of your RESTful API calls.

From this page you will also be able to go to the Iwin online API documentation and test the API with your own key against the Iwin portal. All you need to do is to add your API Key to the header information and you will be on your way to experiment with and adopt our easy to use API.

Manage multiple contact lists

Use the API to maintain multiple segmented contact lists

The Iwin API delivers Phone Books and Phone Book Entries as managed resources. This means that you can create unlimited contact lists (PhoneBooks) and contact list entries (PhoneBookEntry) resources.

With these API resources, you can:

  • Retrieve all phone books
  • Retrieve a specific phone book
  • Create new Phone Books that are named using your naming conventions
  • Delete phone books
  • Update phone books
  • Retrieve all contacts in a given phone book
  • Retrieve a specific contact’s information in a given phone book
  • Add new contacts to a given phone book
  • Update contacts in a phone book
  • Delete contacts in a phone book

Manage standard message templates

Use the API to maintain a collection of standard message templates

Are you worried that your mobile communication may be unprofessional? With the Iwin API you can create and maintain a collection of standard mobile communication message templates. You can test messaging using your test numbers to make sure that the message is professional and conveys the right message to your target audience.

Using the Iwin API you can manage mobile messaging templates as a resource by:

  • Retrieving all templates
  • Retrieving specific message template information
  • Create new message templates
  • Update message templates
  • Delete message templates

Manage mobile communication schedules

Use the API to create and maintain message schedules

The Iwin API delivers Schedules as a managed resource. This means that you can create and maintain once-off campaign as well as recurring schedules. This management capability through the Iwin API ensures that you stay in control of the timing of messaging to your contacts, customers, prospects and leads at all times.

With the Scheduling API resources, you can:

  • Create new once-off or recurring schedules
  • Update schedules
  • Delete Schedules
  • Retrieve all schedules
  • Retrieve individual schedule information
  • Retrieve sent schedules information – information regarding schedules that matured and performed messaging campaigns within a given time period
  • Retrieve sent schedule messages – retrieve the messages sent in a specified time frame for a named schedule
  • Retrieve sent schedule replies – retrieve customer responses sent in response to sent schedule campaigns

Send ad-hoc messages

Use the API to send ad-hoc messages to individuals or groups and use as regional gateway

Using the Iwin API Message resource, you can send any message in real-time to an individual customer or to groups of customers at any time. You can, therefore, integrate your digital service platform with Iwin using the Message resource API elements to communicate with your customers in real-time. Examples are sending one-time PINs, password activation links and many more.

With the Message resource, you can:

  • Send messages to individual customers or to groups of customers (up to 100 customers can be specified in a single API call)
  • Retrieve information about messaged sent using the ad-hoc messaging interface. This GET operation retrieves message delivery information
  • Use the messaging API from your own mobile communication platform as a regional gateway to South Africa and the SADC Region (on request) for least cost routing and compliance purposes

Obtain data for your reporting needs

Use the API to report on your mobile communication

The Iwin API delivers Reports as a managed resource. This means that you can access any of the reports made available as part of the Iwin solution using the Iwin API. You can therefore retrieve status information about your communication with your customers using mobile communication.

With the Report API resources, you can:

  • Get a listing of all reports available
  • Get report filter parameters for specific reports
  • Retrieve reports

Stay in control of your account

Use the API Account and Balance information to stay on top of your Iwin account

Using the Iwin API Account and Balance resources, you can retrieve your account profile and balance information at any time.

With the Account resource, you can:

  • Retrieve your account information
  • Update your account information

With the Balance resource, you can:

  • Get your messaging credit balance at any given time


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